The story of the fairy trapped in a bottle

This little fairy lives in a tree in my back yard with her fairy friends. She became my friend when I accidentally trapped her in a bottle one day. I thought that I was catching a dragonfly that had flown into the house and wanted to set it free outside. Only once she was in the bottle did I realise that I had caught a fairy! She was very brave and not the least bit scared, and when I set her free, she told me to make a wish, which I did, and I promise my wish came true!

All of the tree fairies became my friends after that day. They help me with creative ideas for new pictures, and to make magic happen on my pages when I paint. Now and again, when I get stuck for ideas, one of them offers to pose for me. The little fairy I caught in the bottle offered to pose inside a bottle again, so that I could have a picture to remind me of how I met the fairies.

Whenever one of my friends seem to need some help from the fairies, I give them one of these fairy pictures to remind them that they need to set their wishes free. We all need to act on the things we would like to happen, and sometimes a little help from the fairies can’t hurt.

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is Myth: “Myths are, in fact… neither primitive nor untrue. They are, rather, a kind of poetry that helps us make sense of the world and our place in it.” ~ Stephen H. Furrer

I actually made this illustration last year, for use on my greeting cardspendants and lockets, but I’ve never featured it on my blog, and I think the time has come for my little fairy to have her 15 minutes of fame!